This project was very challenging, because there are so many minute details in a human face that go unnoticed, despite how often one might look at oneself in a mirror. I was surprised by how much I liked erasing as a method of “applying” a picture to a page. It was very interesting to start with paper covered in charcoal dust, and then create form by taking away from it, a little at a time.


Tiny Animal Formal Qualities Project

The creature I made has many diverse formal qualities. It has both spindly, thin attributes, like the legs and tail, and thick, dense attributes like the body. Its overall color is a bland off-white, while the details of the beads in the legs add color and life to its general appearance. The organic shape of the body juxtaposes with the metallic collar and snout; the beads create a childlike playfulness, which contrasts with the harshness implied by the pins stuck in its back, head, and stomach. It is a creature of paradox.

Marta Project

For this project we were required to document our rides on Marta. I ride the Marta very frequently, and I have often noticed many interesting views from the train windows. I liked this opportunity to take pictures and create a sort of story with them. I made a picture cube with some of the pictures I took that displays different forms of art around the city as the train went through it.

Value Project V

Finished product.

The area I chose to draw was so much smaller than everyone else’s that when I blew it up  big enough to fill the page, the finished product was more abstract than some of the others.

Value Project IV

The picture started to look more cohesive once I brought it out more from the middle into the rest of the page.

Value Project III

I chose a very small section of the fabric to draw, which meant less minute detail and more of a big picture of a small area, almost as if I had zoomed in on the folds in the fabric.

Value Project II

I found this more difficult than both the Conte Crayon and the Charcoal projects because it was very demanding and required a lot of attention to details such as folds in the fabric. Also, it was very hard not to get caught up in the shading and to pay attention to where in the fabric I was while I was drawing.

Value Project I

This was the beginning of our Value Project where we were instructed to draw the display of light on the various fabrics without using line on its own.

Conte Crayon Drawing

Agnes at Sunrise

I saw this on my way to breakfast 🙂

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